Healthcare Search Engine Marketing Report:
Instantly Find Out What Your Competitors Are Doing, So You Can Leap Ahead of Them and 
Grow Your Patients
We've analyzed the search engine rankings of 140,000 unique URLs of healthcare organizations in the Top 100 markets across the country, so you can learn how you stack up against your local competitors. 
We focused our analysis on the top 19 specialty areas including: 
  • Orthopedics
  • ​Women's Services
  • ​Maternity
  • ​Cardiology
  • ​Oncology
  • ​Emergency Services
  • ​Urgent Care
  • ​Audiology
  • ​Chiropractic
  • ​Dental Care
  • ​Neurology
  • ​Rheumatology 
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthodontics
  • ​Plastic Surgery
  • ​Podiatry
  • ​Weight Loss Surgery
  • ​​Primary Care
You’ll learn the key things you should be looking to change 
(including specific keywords to target for your service line) 
to grow your patients faster.

We dive deep into the paid ads, Google Maps results, and organic search results to show you how you stack up against your competitors and what you need to do to dominate.

We will show you why paid ads are the prime opportunity that your competitors are not using effectively. 

You’ll learn why “long tail” is a myth. And why you should NOT focus on 3-4 word (or longer) search terms...even if those terms are easier to rank for.

I’ll give you 15 questions to ask your digital marketing agency. Once you ask these 15 questions, you’ll know whether an agency can provide return on investment...or just rank you for useless keywords that don’t grow your patients.

We’ll walk through the 3-Pack Death Trap. 
If your organization gets this wrong, even the best SEO could land you on the bottom of the search page. I show you the top 4 ways to beat the death trap and rank above your competitors, including a little-known type of ad that will put YOU in almost half of the top 8 listings.

The Healthcare Search Engine Marketing Report
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The Healthcare Search Engine 
Marketing Report
100% Safe & Secure Checkout. 
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Brian May 
I see thousands of healthcare organizations like yours sinking money into digital marketing and not seeing results...
I travel all over the country helping healthcare organizations grow patients. 
And no matter where I am, I hear the same questions:
Should we focus on organic results because people don’t click ads? 

How can we appear higher in the Google Maps results?

How do I know 
an agency 
is legit?

How do I know my agency is actually doing what they say they’re doing?

I see healthcare organizations that have been burned by agencies that didn't deliver. 
Who have been locked into long-term contracts without results. Who get sold by the high-level "rainmakers" at an agency...and then get unpaid, inexperienced interns working on their account. 

Here's the thing: I've been doing digital marketing for healthcare organizations since 2008...long before most of these agency owners and gurus had even graduated high school.

I've worked with large hospitals like Cleveland Clinic and Premier Health, as well as smaller specialty practices across the country.

I’ve managed more than $8 million in digital ad spend for healthcare organizations so I have seen what works and what does not work. 
I’ve helped thousands of healthcare organizations like yours grow patients with digital marketing. 

I’ve distilled my years of experience and results into this comprehensive, easy-to-digest report. 
Not only will this report tell you what your competitors are doing, it will...
  • Give you actionable steps you can take now to dominate on the terms your patients use to search for specialists like you.
  • Provide specific questions you can ask your digital or SEO agency to figure out if they are doing what they should be for you to grow your patients.
Claim your report now, so you can get the edge over your direct competition and grow your patients faster.

For a tiny fraction of what you’d pay a digital marketing agency to do this for you (and less than even 1 hour of consultation with me), you’ll get the inside scoop on the right keyword terms you need to rank for in you area.
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